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Traffic Pirate Hits King Coin Game

Pirate Pouch Of Coins Game

Website - Full Page Views
Big Picture Of Your Offers
Fair Surf Timer Views
8 Sec  To 4 Sec Views
Banner Views - 468 & 125
Small Picture Of Offers
Fair View Credit Rewards
.5 To 1 Credit/View
Text Ads - Catchy Phrase
Browsers Into Buyers
Fair Referral Commissions
From 5%  Upto 35% 
Login Ads - Spotlight Ad
Seen By Every Member
Fair Bonus Advertising
Upto 1000C/1500B/T/S
Start Page - 1st Surf Page
Every Member Sees This
Rotator & URL Trackers
Free Pro Downline Builder

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To get you started,you will receive:
$1.00, 250 Cr, 250 Bn, 250 Tx, surf 100 pages

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